XML Reference for Sell Feed LMS Feed TypesVersion 1355

LogisticsPlanCodeType ( token )

This enumerated type is used by OrderType and TransactionType to indicate which logistics plan was selected by the buyer at the order or order line item level. Currently, this type is only supporting the "Click and Collect" and digital gift card use cases, but more logistics plan types may be added in the future.

No calls use LogisticsPlanCodeType.

Enumeration Values

Value Description
CustomCode This value is reserved for internal or future use.
DigitalDelivery This value indicates that the order or order line item is a digital gift card that will be delivered to the buyer or the recipient of the gift card by email.
PickUpDropOff This value indicates that the buyer has selected "Click and Collect" as the logistics plan. With the 'Click and Collect' feature, a buyer can purchase certain items on eBay and collect them at a local store. Buyers are notified by eBay once their items are available. The "Click and Collect" feature is only available to large merchants on the eBay UK (site ID - 3), eBay Australia (Site ID - 15), and eBay Germany (Site ID - 77) sites.
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