eBay Post-Order APIVersion 2.7.5

Errors by Number

This table lists all error and warning messages that could be encountered using the eBay Post-Order API.

All error messages are provided in English only. You can use the ID as an index into your own structure for supplying messages in whatever language or format you wish, but base your message translations on the error strings in this table.

Each error is either an Application Error, System Error or Request Error. This error type is indicated in error result sets by the value returned in the errorMessage.error.category return field. The error type indicates what sort of action the application, the developer, or the end-user needs to take in response to the error. Please refer to the Error Response documentation for details about the fields and values returned for error conditions.

Some of the errors use variables, where the returned entity or value varies based on the context. The variables in these error messages are represented with integer values, wrapped with curly brackets. The first/only variable in an error message will display as {0}, and the second variable in an error message will display as {1}. The actlual errors that are triggered when using the API will actually shown meaningful information/values.

Error NumberSeverityDescription
1001ERRORApplication encountered an internal error.
1301ERROR The user requesting for the case is neither the buyer nor seller of the item.
1302ERRORThe user information is either missing or invalid.
1303ERRORInvalid item or transaction id. Ids of item or transaction should be positive number.
1304ERRORInvalid return id. No records found with requested returnId.
1305ERRORInvalid session ID
1306ERRORThe user in the request is not the buyer of the item.
1308ERRORThe user is not allowed to perform this operation.
1309ERRORUnsupported eligibility client type and check type combination.
1401ERRORThe maximum number of records supported per page is {0}.
1402ERRORThe minimum entries per page should be at least {0}.
1501ERRORPre check failed.
1502ERRORIllegal State transition.
1503ERRORReturn is not allowed to escalate.
1504ERRORResolution svc failed to escalate.
1505ERRORMissing billing agreement.
1506ERRORUser is not eligible for return center.
1507ERRORAddress cannot be updated to the requested country.
1508ERRORLabel should be initiated before invoking print label. Use initiateShippingLabel operation to initiate the label.
1601ERRORMissing Input.
1602ERRORElement {0} exceeded the max limit of {1}.
1603ERRORRefund option is not valid or applicable for this return.
1604ERRORInvalid order Id. Order Id should be a positive number.
1605ERRORElement {0} must be a positive number.
1606ERRORInvalid eligibility check type.
1607ERRORInvalid eligibility client type.
1608ERRORDuplicated Request.
1609ERRORAppeal already existed. User can not appeal more than once for a return.
1611ERRORAt order level, there is one existing successful (or pending) refund (or payout) activity.
1612ERRORThere is one existing successful (or pending) money activity.
1613ERRORInvalid limit configuration. Please make sure the daily limit is less than or equal to the monthly limit and that the monthly limit is less than or equal to the yearly limit.
1614ERRORInvalid Tracking number, it does not exist in returns system.
1615ERRORReturn already exists for this transaction.
1616ERRORInvalid Input.
1617ERRORThe RMA input contains a special character that is not allowed. Please try again.
1618ERRORInvalid Input. PageNumber or EntriesPerPage is expected to be a number only.
1619ERRORThis request cannot be declined.
1620ERROROffer return option is not applicable in this scenario.
1621ERRORThe requested carrier is invalid or is not eligible for this return.
1622ERRORReturn cannot be approved without the label for this return.
1623ERRORYou can only reply to messages from the seller here. To start a conversation, contact the seller.
1624ERRORPlease add a message.
1625ERRORThe ability to send messages isn't available.
1626ERRORPlease enter a valid email address.
1627ERRORYou've reached the maximum number of characters.
1628ERRORDocument size criteria is not matched.
1629ERRORDocument length criteria is not matched.
1630ERRORDocument format is not supported.
1631ERRORMax. Number of documents reached.
1632ERRORInvalid Doc Owning Entity.
1633ERRORNo Doc to submit.
1634ERRORMax Try reached.
1635ERRORMore Documents to submit.
1636ERRORInvalid Doc Id.
1637ERRORFeature Off.
1700ERRORLabel is eligible.
1701ERRORLabel is ineligible because item is overweight.
1702ERRORLabel is ineligible because label is too costly.
1703ERRORLabel is ineligible because item is oversize.
1704ERRORLabel is ineligible because buyer address is invalid.
1705ERRORLabel is ineligible because seller address is invalid.
1706ERRORLabel is ineligible because item's weight is unknown.
1707ERRORLabel is ineligible because item's weight is zero.
1708ERRORLabel is ineligible because item is oversize.
1709ERRORLabel is ineligible because the user address is US territory address.
1710ERRORLabel is ineligible for some unknown reason.
1711ERRORLabel is ineligible because Buyer address is outside US.
1712ERRORThe address information is either missing or invalid.
1746ERRORAuto-relist not eligible as the item has multi-quantity.
1747ERRORAuto-relist not eligible because of return reason.
1748ERRORAuto-relist not eligible as item already relisted.
1749ERRORAuto-relist not eligible as return is not delivered yet.
1750ERRORAuto-relist not enabled.
1751ERRORAuto-relist not eligible because item price is too low.
1752ERRORAuto-relist not eligible due to return policy.
1753ERRORPlease add an instrument and try again manually.
1754ERRORYour refund did not go through. Please use a different payment option and try again.
1755ERRORYour refund did not go through. Please add a payment option to refund the buyer.
1764ERRORYour refund did not go through. Please try again later or contact us.
10001ERRORApplication encountered an internal error.
10002ERRORIllegal State transition.
10003ERRORValidation Error - Missing input.
10004ERRORValidation Error - Invalid input.
10005ERROREligibility Check failed.
10006ERRORRestricted to either seller or buyer.
292001ERRORPlease supply a valid order ID to process your request.
292002ERRORPlease supply a valid transaction ID to process your request.
292003ERRORPlease supply a valid item ID to process your request.
292004ERRORThe HTTP headers contained in the request appeared to be invalid. Please verify that the headers in your request are valid.
292005ERRORPlease supply a valid desiredOutcome value (FULL_REFUND or STILL_WANT_ITEM) to process your request.
292006ERRORPlease supply a valid message value to process your request.
292007ERRORNo such order ID {0}. Please provide a valid order ID.
292008ERRORNo such transaction ID {0}. Please provide a valid transaction ID.
292009ERRORNo such item ID {0}. Please provide a valid item ID.
292010ERRORThe application encountered an internal error. Contact support if this failure continues.
292012ERRORUnable to connect to service {0}. If this failure continues, please contact support.
292013ERRORThe service framework was unable to identify a service to dispatch to or had some trouble in dispatching the request.
292014ERRORThe service processed the request, but subsequent processing failed at the framework level.
292015ERRORInvalid site name {0}. Please provide a valid site name.
292016ERRORNo such site ID {0}. Please provide a valid site ID.
292017ERRORPlease supply a valid request ID to process your request.
292018ERRORThe request is in an invalid start state for the operation.
292019ERRORPlease supply a valid request ID to process your request.
292020ERRORBoth item ID and transaction ID cannot be zero.
292021ERRORCould not find transaction with item ID {0} and transaction ID {1}.
292022ERRORA request already exists for the given transaction.
292023ERRORPlease supply a valid tracking number.
292023ERRORPlease provide a first name.
292024ERRORPlease provide a street address.
292024ERRORPlease supply a valid shipping carrier.
292025ERRORPlease supply a valid shipping date.
292025ERRORPlease provide a valid city.
292026ERRORPlease provide a valid state or province.
292027ERRORPlease provide a valid country code.
292028ERRORPlease provide a last name.
292029ERRORInvalid country code {0}. Please provide a valid country code.
292030ERRORPlease provide a valid ZIP code.
292031ERRORInvalid ZIP code {0}. Please provide a valid ZIP Code for country code {1}.
292032ERRORInvalid state or province {0} for country code {1}. Please provide a valid state or province.
292033ERRORPlease provide a valid site name.
292034ERRORPlease provide a valid return ID.
292035ERRORPlease provide the return id, item id and transaction ID of a valid return item..
292036ERRORUser {0} is removed from the program. Please provide a valid user ID.
292037ERRORPlease provide a valid dispute type.
292038ERRORInvalid dispute type {0}. Please provide a valid dispute type.
292039ERRORPlease provide a valid close reason to process your request.
292040ERRORPlease provide a comment to process your request.
292041ERRORThe user is not authorized to perform this operation.
292042ERROREligibility check failed for item ID {0} and transaction ID {1}. Please provide an eligible item ID and transaction ID.
292043ERRORInvalid reason {0}. Please provide a valid reason.
292044ERRORThis operation doesn't support claims of type {0}.
292045ERRORThis operation doesn't support non-escalated cases.
292046ERRORPlease provide valid tracking information.
292047ERROREligibility checks to escalate the case have been failed.
292048ERRORMissing input.
292049ERRORInvalid input. Correct the attribute mentioned in parameter.
292050ERRORThe tracking number cannot exceed {0} characters.
292051ERRORRefund failure due to insufficient funds awaiting payout. Please add a payment instrument and try again.
292052ERRORWe were unable to charge your payment instrument. Please update your payment instrument and try again.
292053ERRORWe couldn't process your refund. Please try again or contact us for help.
292054ERRORYour refund did not go through. Please use a different payment option and try again.
292055ERRORYour refund did not go through because we could not verify your payment option. Please change your payment option and try again.
292057ERRORYou've exceeded the default payment method's limit. Please use a different payment option or try again later.
292058ERRORCharge balance is less than requested balance amount. Please try again later or contact us.