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The object that is returned by a successful getFeedType or getFeedTypes search describing the characteristics of a feed type.

Type that uses SupportedFeed


Calls that use SupportedFeed


array of string
The oauth authorization scopes which grant access to the feed files.

Currently the only applicable authorization scope is

Note: You can view your application's oauth scopes on the Application Keys page.
This container shows the eBay marketplaces that support the corresponding feed type. If no constraints are returned, all marketplaces are supported.
Specifies the frequency with which the feed file is made available (HOURLY, DAILY, WEEKLY).

Currently only DAILY and HOURLY are supported.
How far back from the current time to limit the returned feed files. The returned feed files will be those generated between the current time and the look-back time.

Example: A value of 120 will limit the returned feed files to those generated in the past 2 hours (120 minutes). If 3 feed files have been generated in the past 2 hours, those 3 files will be returned. A feed file generated 4 hours earlier will not be returned.
The status for this feed. One of ACTIVE, PAUSED, or DEPRECATED.
An array of the supported Feed API schemas for this feed type.

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