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The type that defines the fields for an individual line item.

Type that uses LineItem


Calls that use LineItem


An array of add-on services for the line item.
This container is returned for orders that are eligible for eBay's Authenticity Guarantee service. The seller ships Authenticity Guarantee service items to the authentication partner instead of the buyer. If the item is successfully authenticated, the authenticator will ship the item to the buyer.
The cost of a single item in this line item. This is the starting point for computing the price during checkout session.

Note: The price includes the value-added tax (VAT) for applicable jurisdictions when requested from supported marketplaces. In this case, users must pass the X-EBAY-C-MARKETPLACE-ID request header specifying the supported marketplace (such as EBAY_GB) to see VAT-inclusive pricing. For more information on VAT, refer to VAT Obligations in the EU.
array of Fee
A breakdown of the fees applicable to the line item.
An eBay-assigned URL of the item image. eBay assigns the URL when the seller uploads the image.
The total amount of import duties for this line item, which is paid by the buyer when checking out.

Note: This is applicable only for eBay International Shipping (eIS) orders, and eIS is only available to sellers on US marketplace.

For GSP orders, the import charges will be shown in the shippingOptions.importCharges container.
The eBay identifier of an item. This ID is returned by the Browse and Feed API methods. The ID must be in RESTful item ID format.

For example: v1|2**********6|5**********4 or v1|1**********9|0.

For more information about item ID for RESTful APIs, see the Legacy API compatibility.

Each itemId will become a single line item. You can have a maximum of 10 itemId(s) per checkout.
A unique eBay-assigned ID value that identifies a line item in a checkout session.
The total cost for the items in this line item taking into account the quantity and applying any seller item discounts, such as Buy 1 Get 1, and any coupon that applies to this item.

Note: This does not include any shipping discounts, shipping costs, fees, or seller adjustments.
array of Promotion
An array of promotions applied to the item of this line item.
The number of individual items ordered for this line item.

Note: If a winning bidder is purchasing an auction item, the value of the this field will be returned as 1.
The container that returns the information about the seller, such as their eBay user name.
An array of the shipping methods that are available for the line item. By default, the first one will be selected.
This text string is derived from the item condition, item title, and the item aspects (such as size, color, capacity, model, brand, etc.).
array of TaxDetail
A container for the tax information for the line item.

Note: The information in this container is only returned when requested from the GB marketplace, when applicable.
The seller created title of the item.

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