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This type is used by the request payload of the contestPaymentDispute method.

Types that use ContestPaymentDisputeRequest

Not used by any types.

Call that uses ContestPaymentDisputeRequest


This field shows information that the seller provides about the dispute, such as the basis for the dispute, any relevant evidence, tracking numbers, and so forth.

Max Length: 1000 characters.
This container is needed if the seller is requesting that the buyer return the item. If this container is used, all relevant fields must be included, including fullName and primaryPhone.

Note: If the Dispute Reason is SIGNIFICANTLY_NOT_AS_DESCRIBED, returnAddress is required.
This integer value indicates the revision number of the payment dispute. This field is required. The current revision number for a payment dispute can be retrieved with the getPaymentDispute method. Each time an action is taken against a payment dispute, this integer value increases by 1.