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This type is used by the base response of the getInventoryLocation and getInventoryLocations calls. These responses provide details about inventory location(s) defined for the merchant's account.

Type that uses InventoryLocationResponse


Calls that use InventoryLocationResponse


This container provides location details of an inventory location. The address container will always be returned, but it will not always have a complete street address. Except in the case of an inventory location that supports In-Store Pickup inventory, a full address is not a requirement when setting up an inventory location. The geoCoordinates container will only be returned if the merchant provided geographical coordinates. The locationId field is always returned, but this value is only used internally by eBay.
This text field provides additional information about an inventory location. This field is returned if it is set for the inventory location.

Max length: 256
This text field is used by the merchant to provide special pickup instructions for the store location. This field can help create a pleasant and easy pickup experience for In-Store Pickup and Click and Collect orders. If this field was not set up through a createInventoryLocation or a updateInventoryLocation call, eBay will use the default pickup instructions contained in the merchant's profile.

Max length: 1000
array of StoreTypeEnum
This container defines the function of the inventory location. Typically, an inventory location will serve as a store or a warehouse, but in some cases, an inventory location may be both.

For In-Store Pickup inventory set StoreTypeEnum to STORE.

The location type of an inventory location defaults to WAREHOUSE if a location type is not specified when a merchant creates an inventory location.
This text field shows the Website address (URL) associated with the inventory location. This field is returned if defined for the inventory location.

Max length: 512
The unique identifier of the inventory location. This identifier is set up by the merchant when the inventory location is first created with the createInventoryLocation call. Once this value is set for an inventory location, it cannot be modified.

Max length: 36
This field indicates whether the inventory location is enabled (inventory can be loaded to location) or disabled (inventory can not be loaded to location). The merchant can use the enableInventoryLocation call to enable an inventory location in disabled status, or the disableInventoryLocation call to disable an inventory location in enabled status.
The name of the inventory location. This name should be a human-friendly name as it will be displayed in In-Store Pickup and Click and Collect listings. For store inventory locations, this field is not required for the createInventoryLocation call, but a store inventory location must have a defined name value before an In-Store Pickup and Click and Collect enabled offer is published. So, if the seller omits this field in the createInventoryLocation call, it will have to be added later through a updateInventoryLocation call.

Max length: 1000
This container shows the regular operating hours for a store location during the days of the week. A dayOfWeekEnum field and an intervals container is shown for each day of the week that the store location is open.
The phone number for an inventory location. This field will typically only be set and returned for store locations.

Max length: 36
array of SpecialHours
This container shows the special operating hours for a store location on a specific date or dates.

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