The Sell Feed API manages tasks in the Seller Hub workflow, including creating tasks, uploading files, checking the status of data processing, and downloading files.

The status of all upload and download tasks are tracked with a unique 'task ID'. See General Sell Feed API Tasks (Flows) for basic use of the Sell Feed API.

The following list describes the general requirements when using Seller Hub feed types with the Sell Feed API.

  • Sell Feed API requires an eBay OAuth token. The authorization code grant flow contains more information on working with the eBay OAuth token. The user token used for the Sell Feed API will be active for two hours

  • OAuth tokens are passed in through the Authorization header: Authorization:Bearer <token>

  • Create the task using the feed type associated with the data file objects to be uploaded. Sellers need to explicitly provide the feedType (FX_LISTING or FX_FULFILLMENT)

  • The taskId generated in the Sell Feed API is used to upload FX_LISTING files and download FX_FULFILLMENT files