Once a listing has been published, some of its information may need to be updated or possibly removed. Topics included in this section provide information about calls and best practices when managing listings.

Consider best match when revising and relisting items

When users search for items on eBay, the default way items are sorted is Best Match.

When you list an item, you can consider how to improve its placement, or rank, in search results. When you revise or relist an item, consider the item's performance score (i.e., the ratio of sales to impressions). An item's performance score affects the item's rank in search results.

Revising an item doesn't affect its performance score, in most cases. Similarly, relisting an item will carry over an item's performance score, regardless of changes made, in most cases. However, whether you are revising or relisting, either of the following changes will reset an item's performance score:

  • Category updates (changing, adding, or removing) for either the primary or secondary category will trigger a reset
  • Item condition removal

Note: When relisting an item, the item performance score carries over for the first new item only. That is, if an item is relisted multiple times, only the first new item inherits the performance score. When it is time to relist the new item, its performance score carries over for the first new item only, as well.