The signinRedirect sample generates a token for an end user, it has been updated to use the new token fetch flow.

Please set the correct TOMCAT_HOME environment variable (in addition to the JAVA_HOME environment variable). It is recommended to set and run setenv.bat in the build folder of SDK to set environment variables first.

The signinRedirect sample generates a token for an individual eBay user. To generate a token, the sample will redirect the user to the sign-in page and validate the eBay user ID and password. The token generated by the sample can be used for other API calls you add to the sample.

1. The ant build file is for Tomcat 5.5, JDK 1.5/1.6.
2. The eclipse project file is for Eclipse(3.3.2) IDE for Java EE Developers, Dynamic Web Module 2.3, Tomcat 5.5, JDK 1.5/1.6.
3. Please set your parameters in 'WebContent\WEB-INF\classes\' before running this sample.
4. HTTPS support of Tomcat must be enabled.