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Published: March 06 2008, 3:05:00 PMUpdated: September 05 2022, 11:52:53 PM

I'm receiving an error of this form when doing a ReviseItem call :

<ShortMessage>Invalid Value. (1361:41)</ShortMessage>
<LongMessage>Invalid value found for Item Specific "Model". Please update your listing to continue.</LongMessage>



I verified that the attribute values that I'm sending in are correct. Why is there an error?

This type of item specific error can occur if you listed an item with attributes (item specifics) and either the item specifics version undergoes a significant change (for example a hierarchy is added), or the category structure associated with the item changes.

This is often seen in the case of ReviseItem or RelistItem, and there has been a change in item specifics or categories from the time of the original listing of the item.  This typically happens in longer running items such as automobiles or real estate.

The problem is the item has a set of "legacy" attributes associated with the original listing which do not match the new version of the attributes (item specifics).

You can control or mitigate the effects of these changes by using the ErrorHandling field in the RelistItem and ReviseItem calls.  If you select BestEffort for this value, eBay will attempt to correctly map the old attributes to the new attributes.  However, in some cases, this mapping will not happen, and you will receive an error as indicated above. 

Another best practice is to not send in the attributes in your ReviseItem call by default.  In general, attributes for a listing (make, model, color etc.) do not need revision.  Resending the "original" attributes in a ReviseItem call is not necessary if you just want to update the price, and will subject the listing to potential attribute version problems.  Although some attributes may need correcting through a ReviseItem call, sending in attributes should be more the exception than the rule.


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