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Published: May 06 2015, 4:06:00 AMUpdated: September 06 2022, 9:01:27 PM

Finding API returns a maximum of 100 pages. How can I fetch the remaining items?

 If you are using keyword search, you can try to add more keywords so that less than 100 pages are returned. For example, instead of making a single search request for "iPhone 6", you can make 3 different API calls with keywords "iPhone 6 16GB", "iPhone 6 64GB" and "iPhone 6 128GB".


If search is done at category level, several itemFilters can be used to split the result set so that each API response returns less than 100 pages. For example, instead of making a single API call, multiple API calls with an additional price filter can be used. If the item prices range between $1 to $100, Ten different API calls can be made with price filter $0-$9.99, $10-19.99 etc.



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