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Published: August 25 2006, 1:43:00 PMUpdated: August 01 2022, 11:32:49 AM

Question: Why am I getting charged a GalleryFee in my RelistItem call when I did not select the Gallery feature in my original listing and I am not selecting it in my RelistItem call?


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Answer: There are a number of categories on some eBay sites that provide the Gallery feature for free.
In these cases, if a listing (AddItem call) provides a picture, but does not choose the Galley feature, the Gallery feature will automatically be given to the item.

From that point on, the item will look like any other item which has the Gallery feature, and there will be no way of knowing whether
    a. the Gallery feature was explicitly requested in the listing (AddItem call)
    b. was given to the item even though it was not explicitly requested in the listing (AddItem call).

The implication on a RelistItem call for an item which was given the Gallery feature for free is the following:

If the PrimaryCategory in the RelistItem call does not offer the Gallery feature for free, and the RelistItem call does not explicity request <GalleryType>None</GalleryType>, then the RelistItem will result in a GalleryFee charge.

Please keep in mind that the use case here is that the original listing did not explicitly ask for the Gallery feature, and the RelistItem call did not explicitly ask for the Gallery feature.  However because the feature was provided for free on the original listing, the feature will carry over to the relisted item with any applicable GalleryFee for the PrimaryCategory used in the RelistItem call.

The scenario this would likely happen in is if the RelistItem call is changing the PrimaryCategory from a category that has the free gallery feature to a category that does not have the free gallery feature.

We consider this to be an edge case scenario, with very little chance of actually happening with the reason being that most "free gallery" categories are not readily interchangeable with categories that charge a GalleryFee.  Most use cases are in international Motors related categories, and we do not expect items to be listed in these categories to be relisted in non Motors related categories.

Recommendations stemming from this issue would be to explicitly indicate on RelistItem calls whether or not the seller wants the Gallery feature independently of the selection in the original listing, where <GalleryType>None</GalleryType> is used in the PictureDetails container to indicate no Gallery feature requested.

Please note that the AddItem and RelistItem call will return the following message when the Gallery feature has been provided for free:

         <ShortMessage>The gallery option is added to the listing since it's free.</ShortMessage>
         <LongMessage>The gallery option is added to the listing since it's free.</LongMessage>


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