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Published: September 24 2006, 9:01:00 PMUpdated: July 27 2022, 3:39:15 PM

GetOrderTransaction returns up to 20 orders in the response

Detailed Description

GetOrderTransaction returns at most 20 orders or transactions in the OrderArray container, even if more than 20 orders are specified in the request.

A couple of notes:
  1. GetOrderTransactions api is Order oriented . A result is that each single transaction will be returned in an OrderArray.Order container with an empty OrderID tag.
  2. If you send both <ItemTransactionIDArray> and  <OrderIDArray> containers in GetOrderTransaction request, a maximum of 20 will be processed, with priority being given to the OrderIDs.
     For example, if you submit 25 <OrderID>s and 5 <ItemTransactionID>s, only the first 20 order ids (ordered by orderID) will be processed. Or if you send 10 <OrderID>s and 25 <ItemTransactionID>s, all order ids will be processed and only 10 item-transaction ids (order by transactionID) will be processed.

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