eBay Return Management APIVersion 1.1.0


Type defining the ReturnStatusFilter container. This container is used to retrieve returns in specific states. If one or more ReturnStatus filters are used, results are restricted to returns in the specified states. If return status filtering is not used, returns in all states are retrieved. The ReturnStatusFilter container uses Boolean OR logic, which means that all returns matching the specified states are retrieved.

Type that uses ReturnStatusFilterType:

Call that uses ReturnStatusFilterType:


ReturnStatus ( ReturnStatusInputType ) [1..*]
To retrieve returns in a specific state (such as open, closed, item shipped, etc.), pass in a ReturnStatusInputType value. At least one ReturnStatus field is required if the ReturnStatusFilter container is used, and multiple ReturnStatus values are allowed.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use ReturnStatus.