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Note: This is a Limited Release(Limited Release) API available only to select developers approved by business units. For information on how to obtain access to this API in production, see the Buy APIs Requirements.

The Buy Offer API enables Partners to place proxy bids for a buyer and retrieve the auctions where the buyer is bidding. By placing a proxy bid, the buyer is agreeing to purchase the item if they win the auction.


Method NameHTTP MethodPathSummarySamples
getBiddingGET/bidding/{item_id}Retrieves bidding details on an auction item for which the user is an active bidder.View getBidding - /bidding/{item_id}
placeProxyBidPOST/bidding/{item_id}/place_proxy_bidEnables automatic bidding for a user on an auction item up to a maximum amount that the user is willing to bid.View placeProxyBid - /bidding/{item_id}/place_proxy_bid

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