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A response field that retrieves all the metadata for the video, including its title, classification, size, description, status, status message (if any), and expiration date.

Types that use Video

Not used by any types.

Call that uses Video


The intended use for this video content. Currently, videos can only be added and associated with eBay listings, so the only supported value is ITEM.
The description of the video. The video description is an optional field that can be set using the createVideo method.
The expiration date of the video in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). The video’s expiration date is automatically set to 30 days after the video’s initial upload.
The video moderation information that is returned if a video is blocked by moderators.

Tip: See Video moderation and restrictions in the eBay Seller Center for details about video moderation.

If the video status is BLOCKED, ensure that the video complies with eBay's video formatting and content guidelines. Afterwards, begin the video creation and upload procedure anew using the createVideo and uploadVideo methods.
array of Play
The playlist created for the uploaded video, which provides the streaming video URLs to play the video. The supported streaming video protocols are DASH (Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP) and HLS (HTTP Live Streaming). The playlist will only be generated if a video is successfully uploaded with a status of LIVE.
The size, in bytes, of the video content.
The status of the current video resource.
The statusMessage field contains additional information on the status. For example, information on why processing might have failed or if the video was blocked.
The URL of the thumbnail image of the video. The thumbnail image's URL must be an eBayPictureURL (EPS URL).
The title of the video.
The unique ID of the video.