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This type contains an array of suggested category tree nodes that are considered by eBay to most closely correspond to the keywords provided in a query string, from a specified category tree.

Types that use CategorySuggestionResponse

Not used by any types.

Call that uses CategorySuggestionResponse


Contains details about one or more suggested categories that correspond to the provided keywords. The array of suggested categories is sorted in order of eBay's confidence of the relevance of each category (the first category is the most relevant).

Important: This call is not supported in the Sandbox environment. It will return a response payload in which the categoryName fields contain random or boilerplate text regardless of the query submitted.
The unique identifier of the eBay category tree from which suggestions are returned.
The version of the category tree identified by categoryTreeId. It's a good idea to cache this value for comparison so you can determine if this category tree has been modified in subsequent calls.