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This type is used by the compatibilityProperties array that is returned in the getCompatibilityProperties call. The compatibilityProperties container consists of an array of all compatible vehicle properties applicable to the specified eBay marketplace and eBay category ID.

Type that uses CompatibilityProperty


Call that uses CompatibilityProperty


This is the actual name of the compatible vehicle property as it is known on the specified eBay marketplace and in the eBay category. This is the string value that should be used in the compatibility_property and filter query parameters of a getCompatibilityPropertyValues request URI.

Typical vehicle properties are 'Make', 'Model', 'Year', 'Engine', and 'Trim', but will vary based on the eBay marketplace and the eBay category.
This is the localized name of the compatible vehicle property. The language that is used will depend on the user making the call, or based on the language specified if the Content-Language HTTP header is used.

In some instances, the string value in this field may be the same as the string in the corresponding name field.