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Published: October 28 2011, 2:40:00 PMUpdated: August 29 2022, 7:55:24 AM

Why do all my VeRO reported items show SubmissionFailed?


VeROReportItems marks items as SubmissionFailed when checking GetVeROReportStatus

Detailed Description

Sometimes when making a call to VeROReportItems you may get a successful response even though your request is invalid.  Specifically, if you have an "outdated" or incorrect VeROReasonCodeID.  After making the request and recieiving a successful response, you then will make a call to GetVeROReportStatus and the response will show your reported items as "SubmissionFailed".  

Make sure you call GetVeROReasonCodeDetails before you report any items to ensure you have the correct "ReasonCodeDetail codeID". 

Additional Resources


GetVeROReasonCodeDetails :

GetVeROReportStatus :

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