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A container for the details of a Promoted Listings campaign that uses the Cost Per Click (CPC) funding model.

Types that use CampaignBudgetRequest


Calls that use CampaignBudgetRequest


The daily budget limit for a CPC Promoted Listings campaign.

When running an Offsite Ads campaign, eBay may spend more or less than the seller's daily budget to capitalize on interested buyers, but will not exceed 2x the daily budget. The average over the course of the campaign will not exceed the provided daily budget. This value is used to calculate a total monthly budget by multiplying 30.4 by the provided daily budget. Over the course of the campaign, eBay will not charge more than this total budget per month.

If a campaign ends prematurely, however, the seller may be charged up to 2x their daily budget on a daily basis, as the campaign may have not had the chance to average the budget out over time.