Buy it Now is a feature for auction-style listings that is precisely what the name implies: Buyers are able to purchase an item immediately — at the specified Item.BuyItNowPrice — without having to place a bid for the item.

Generally, once an auction-style bid receives its first bid the Buy it Now option is disabled. However, if an Item.ReservePrice has been specified for the item and the Item.SellingStatus.CurrentPrice does not equal or surpass the Item.ReservePrice, the Buy it Now option will remain active.

For more information refer to Selling with Buy it Now.

Buy it Now pricing

For most categories, the Item.BuyItNowPrice must be at least 30% higher than the Item.StartPrice that is set for the auction.

To specify the Buy it Now price, call AddItem and include the Item.BuyItNowPrice for the item.

The Buy it Now price for an active listing may be reduced provided:

  • The listing has received zero (0) bids
  • There are no more than 12 hours remaining in the auction

To reduce the current Buy it Now price, call ReviseItem and include the new, lower Item.BuyItNowPrice in the request payload.